ACCIID System Products

All Products Created by Retired SWAT Sgt. – Michael Lessman
Created by Experienced Law Enforcement Professionals for Critical Incident Safety. 

Additional Questions:

QUESTION:   What is the Value of the ACCIID Product?

It’s always a sad day when someone is injured or killed due to misidentification or friendly fire during a critical incident. After designing the DSM Safety Banner system and knowledge that it had saved officers from possible tragic events, we designed a effective way to identify legally armed citizens involved in a critical incident.

QUESTION:  Why is this Product so Revolutionary?

The ACCIID System (patent pending) is a revolutionary, innovative, soon to be nationally recognized safety product designed to assist in identifying legally armed citizens involved in a critical situation, giving the involved legally armed citizen a bright visible reflective identification, possibly preventing tragic events associated with friendly fire shootings. The ACCIID System is currently the only armed citizens products that is enclosed in a smart phone sized wallet and utilizes one hand (support) deployment that gives both front and back visual identification.

QUESTION:  What does the Safety Banner Provide?

The ACCIID System will assist in reducing
     *Possibly Friendly Fire Incidents
     *Provides instant bright identification to arriving officers
     *Diverting Tragic impacts to individuals and their families.

QUESTION:   Will I remember to deploy the Safety Banner after a critical incident?

Not unless you train with your ACCIID System; Retired Sgt. Mike Lessman advises that once your adversary is down, seek cover in a defensive position…do not chase the bad guys, conduct a tactical reload, deploy your ACCIID System while scanning the surrounding area…this should be practiced in your range training sessions so that if you are faced with a critical incident you will revert back to your trainings.

  Who Designed the Safety Banner?

The banner (patented) was designed by a SWAT Sergeant with more than 20 years of law enforcement experience.