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Here is a new innovative and simple way to identify armed citizens involved in critical situations, by responding uniformed officers. The ACCIID Systems Banner will immediately identify the armed citizen when involved in a critical situation where uniformed officers responded.

Saving Lives, One Critical Incident at a Time.



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From the designers of the DSM Safety Banner System, comes the ACCIID (Armed Citizen Critical Incident ID) System.   A new critical incident identification system designed specifically for the Concealed Carry Permit Holder.  The ACCIID System is contained in a nylon wallet approximately the size of your smartphone and can be kept concealed in a pocket or purse and if needed can be deployed in seconds and gives both front and back bright high visibility identification to help identify you to law enforcement officers arriving on the scene of your critical incident and assist in avoiding friendly fire tragedies.


Welcome to the Armed Citizen Critical Incident Identification System.

You’ve successfully defended yourself during an attack, now you must also survive the police arriving at your critical incident.  Immediately let the police know that you’ve been the victim of a crime and want to immediately identify yourself as such….that you’re the GOOD GUY.

A new innovative way to identify Armed Citizens/CCW Permit holders that have been involved in a critical incident where they may have had to use deadly force.  This is liken to a flare gun where you are donning a brightly colored identifier to give police, at a quick glance who our victim is so that they have a bit more knowledge and subliminal information when they arrive on scene of your critical incident.

An inexpensive and easy solution to avoid possible friendly fire tragedies

During the critical incident, the bright orange chest and back indicators will immediately identify you and your location to police arriving on scene.    becoming more of a known entity…. to avoid being misidentified as possibly an armed suspect.

Currently the only CCW critical incident identifier that folds into it’s own wallet, that is the size of a smart phone, and deploys in seconds into a bright colored CCW/Armed Citizen identifier. All orders are required to be vetted, by uploading your current up to date concealed carry permit during our check out procedure.

*All Banners come with a pouch included for deployment.

*** ACCIID Systems LLC policy: The ACCIID Banner System will only be shipped to qualifying concealed carry permit holders.


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